Getting started

Welcome to the Design System for the RTS Hawkeye application. It establishes a common design language, code conventions and provides reusable coded components. Rather than focusing on pixels, developers can focus on application logic, while designers can focus on user experience, interactions, and flows.

The design system is still in an early stage of development and likely to change a lot in the near future.

Familiarize with the following:

  • Get an overview of our Markup and Style guidelines including the class naming conventions used in our CSS.
  • Review the Components; each component provides semantically correct and accessible markup and documentation.
  • Visual styles like our grid layout and spacing variables.

We welcome all feedback, designs, or ideas in order to produce the best possible experience for our users. If you’re interested in contributing feel free to open an issue on GitHub.

Component statuses

Components and their variants have been given statuses reflecting their state of completion. The available statuses are listed below.

Label Description
Do not implement.
Work in progress. Implement with caution.
Ready to start implementing.
Production ready.